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“White Board” models (1 – 35): The white board and the coloured parts are made of plastic (perspex).

Models 36 - 61 are made of metal (mainly aluminium alloy).

The 3D-video animations (models 11, 13, 36 and 40) are created with 3D-CAD software


01-Straight line guiding for a harbour crane - Film - More

02-Straight line guiding according Evans - Film - More

03-Straight line guiding according Hoecken - Film - More

04-Straight line guiding according Watt - Film - More

05-Straight line guiding according Roberts - Film - More

06-Symmetrical double rocker mechanism - Film - More

07-Dwell mechanisms

Film - More

08-Thread guiding in a sewing machine - Film - More

09-Straight line guiding of a plane - Film - More

10-Straigt line guiding with slotted rockers - Film - More


11-Escort motion-surface cutting machine- Film - More 3D

12-Escort motion-closing an eggbox cover - Film - More


13-Escort motion-sod perforating mechanism - Film - More3D

14-Stepdwell motion-paper cutting mechanism - Film - More


15-Stepdwell motion-using a  crank-slider mechanism - Film - More

16-Stepdwell motion-punch Film - More


17-Crank-slider with pinion and rack - Film - More

19-leaflet inserting mechanism Film



Film - More



Film - More

21-geared five-bar linkage

Film - More

22-constructive variants of a four-bar linkage - Film

23-antiparallelmechanism  Film

24-elliptic motion




25-Roberts four-bar cognate mechanisms - Film

26-six-bar Roberts cognate1



27-six-bar Roberts cognate2


28-six-bar Roberts cognate3


30-cam mechanism, slider follower - Film





32-profiled-follower, six-bar mechanism -  Film

33-Polygon cam-constant thickness (“Gleichdick”) - Film



35-graphical construction for two positions - Film

36-step-dwell mechanism –
Film - 3D - more

37- stepping chain mechanism - Film - more

38-rotating double-slider (step-dwell) – Film - more

39-planetary cam mechanism (step-dwell) - Film

40-Geneva cross mechanism (step-dwell) - Film3D

41-Multi-cross mechanism (step-dwell) - Film

42-Watt2-mechanism, adjustable - Film

43-elliptical pair of gears - Film

44-Sine generator, adjustable stroke - Film

45-cycloide (straight line) and slider follower - Film

46-cycloide (straight line) and inverted slider follower - Film

47-dwell mechanism, cycloide with 3 cusps - Film

48-double-dwell mechanism, square-like cycloide - Film

49-Oldham coupling - Film

50-coupling, adjustable - Film

 - Film

51-torque compensation cam

52-double dwell mechanism, oscillating disk cam - Film

53-cycindrical cam - Film

54-sine generator, spherical mechanism - Film

55-four-bar linkage, spatial - Film

56-spatial mechanism, constant pressure angle - Film

57-chain, polygon effect - Film

58-continuous box transport mechanism - Film

59-smooth stroke mechanism - Film

60-flying press mechanism - Film

61-egg transport mechanism - Film


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